If there’s one brilliant thing the web has brought the world, that is the ability to watch any TV show or movie ever made at any time. What’s even better is that in recent years, more and more services are opening up and allowing all the good stuff to be watched 100% free of charge. Some work and some just don’t, so finding a website to watch movie for free is all about knowing which ones to trust.

10 Best Websites to Watch Movies for Free

These 10 websites to watch movies for free are in no particular order, but each has its own advantages.


Chances are you heard of this one a long time ago and may not have even realized it is still going today, but it is. Alluc got it right in the first place and became one of the best free movie viewing sites before most others had even come into existence. And as it’s been refined over the years, it’s even better now than it ever was!



This is one of those sites that you may have wondered why on earth it offers movies for free when they could easily charge for it. It’s at least as good as most paid services in the market today if not better. They have, however, been faced with one or two legal headaches from time to time and they tend to change their address quite a lot, so you might have to hunt them down if they go miss.


Amazon Prime

Admittedly, this isn’t technically free if you want to keep using it in a long-term, but at the same time, there is a free trial that you can have a play with. Amazon Prime delivers amazing quality and a quite massive content, so at least you can use it all for free in the trial month.



Perhaps the best thing of all about Prime Wire is that it is constantly being updated. Quite literally, they’re adding new stuff in every minute, every day. It’s 100% free on a permanent basis and provides a ton of links to other stuff on external sites, too. It can be a bit buggy sometimes, but the other sites all are!



Here’s a great place to head for if you are in the need of a little inspiration in terms of what to watch—there’s always a great suggested movie feature. You can search by way of the actors, the movie’s popularity, its genre, its release date and so much more. Sure, the ads can sometimes get annoying, but it’s not as if you’re paying for any of this!



One of the most polished sites in terms of both looks and performance, LosMovies comes across as genuinely professional and offers access to a huge range of new and old movies. The quality is generally the best of them and the ads aren’t quite as intrusive as they are in other rival services. 



Does Movie4K stream movies in glorious 4K? Of course it doesn’t, but we’re not yet living in a time when any big name offers UHD. Still, this is one of the best places to head for, and unlike many of its rival websites, the movies all tend to actually work!



There are several categories to guide you what kinds of movies you can find and watch movies in this site, and one category is specially designed for watching free movies online. You will not believe how easy it is to search for free movies at Yidio. You can sort out the movie by its genre or rating, such as PG-13. However, there are something that has to be offered by Yidio for delivering free movies and other TV shows. Get prepared!


Project-Free TV

We didn’t think this one was going to be around for too long, but here it is in its seventh year and it still keeps improving all the time. It’s a great place to watch the streaming TV shows which are always its focus, and these days they offer some brilliant links to the newest movies, too. 



If you’re looking for a streaming movies site that’s not only reliable, but also quite spectacularly easy to use, this is the site for you. They’ve made it so easy to find the movies you’re looking for as well as browse what’s there if you need a little inspiration. Admittedly, they sometimes fall a bit short of the market when it comes to the newest movies, but there’s no decreasing in the abundance and the quality of the older flicks on offer. 

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