Do you ever have those days where you feel you’re on top of everything? Your work is getting done on time, you actually remember things on your to-do list without writing them down, and you feel down-right productive? If you’re not quite sure what that feels like, you’re about to! Check out these 10 apps, available on virtually any mobile device.

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Admit it: Some of your biggest productivity busters are websites like Facebook, Twitter, and anything with cat videos. Imagine how much you could get done if you weren’t constantly getting distracted by these sites.

That’s where Stayfocusd comes in. With it, you can block certain websites and put the block on a timer so that you’re not tempted to check updates every 10 seconds. It’s completely customizable so that you have control over your productivity. The app is available on Chrome and is free.



If you need your own personal assistant that will do things for you, EasilyDo can fill that gap in your life. This app takes care of the small things for you like managing your contacts and flight information, preparing you for your next meeting, tracking package information, keeping track of birthdays–and even sending birthday wishes for you–and so much more! It’s perfect for the super busy workaholic. Best of all, it’s free on Android and Apple products.


Team Viz

With this app, you can become a productivity wizard. The TeamViz app (previously Pomordoro) is basically a glorified to-do list, but it comes with so many other features to keep you on task and motivated.

Start by organizing your to-do list (whether for work or at-home responsibilities), and then use the tracking tool to time yourself, take breaks, and make sure you’re staying on task. Did we mention that it’s available for free download on Windows, Android, and Apple products, making it easy to access from virtually any cell phone, tablet, or computer?



While Magneto is currently in the beta stage, the team is accepting new users gradually–for free! The app integrates almost every productivity task into one convenient program. Stay on time with GPS directions, drive time estimates, and traffic notifications. Drag tasks onto your calendar to stay up-to-date on your to-do list. Grab information from web pages–like meeting information for work.

And access it all from virtually anywhere! The app is currently available on iOS with plans for an Android version in the future. Plus, you can access your calendar (which syncs with Google and Office 365 calendars) and other features from Chrome or Firefox. Even enjoy the convenience of a browser add-on.



Do you have a hard time finishing tasks because you simply don’t remember to do them? Do you need to be nagged? The Due app can help you with that! If you need to do something but can’t do it now, add it to your to-do list, and then set a reminder to keep you on task. But don’t fret about the time it takes to set up these reminders. Due makes it really easy with preset times and reusable timers. The app is available on iOS for $4.99.



Whether your job largely revolves around social media or you’re just a social media addict, HootSuite can help make the social network surfing a breeze. Integrate the app with all your favorite networks–like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc.–and then manage all your accounts from one place. No more switching between browsers. It saves you time and energy! Grab the app free on Apple and Android.


If you have trouble staying on top of your busy schedule and have a jam-packed to-do list, can make things easier for you. This free app–available on Apple, Android, Chrome, and the web–offers a simple design that helps you stay on top of your tasks anywhere you go. Stay up-to-date with a calendar, and even enjoy a greeting every morning while the app goes over your tasks for the day with you. Mail integration and memo options are coming soon, making this a fantastic option that outdoes most to-do list apps.



When you set goals, sometimes life can simply get in the way. Boost your productivity for long-term goals with coaching, community guidance, and data reports to help you analyze your progress. This is great for people looking to start an exercise program or go on a diet, but it can really be used for any type of goal related to work, health, or lifestyle. Get access to a dashboard, your progress, and you current plans all while engaging in a community that will uplift and motivate you. You can grab this app for free on Apple and Android operating systems.



Podio is a useful tool for small businesses and teams who collaborate on projects. Since it also offers a free version for up to five users, it can be useful for managing everyday tasks within your family, too, which can be tough when you have a pile of teenagers living with you.

Create a workspace, and then add tasks and assign them to different users. Keep track of progress, manage it all on a calendar, and even send chat messages. Access your tasks via Podio’s website or on Apple or Android products.



Do you feel like you’re being productive, but the results just aren’t there? RescueTime can help you pinpoint where you’re going wrong by tracking your computer usage and apps across multiple devices–including Windows and Mac. You’ll receive charts that help you figure out where you’re spending all your time to help you change your behavior to maximize productivity. The app is free, but you can upgrade for just $9 per month if you’d like more features.


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