When we think about movie villains we mostly think about male characters with grotesque appearance and dangerous behavior but have you ever stopped to think about all the female villains we see in movies?

Since women are mostly associated with beauty, innocence and grace we forget about the beautiful and dangerous female villains that have made our movie watching experience worthwhile throughout the years, which is why we decided to make a list of 10 beautiful and dangerous female villains from various types of movies. From super-villains to witches or femme fatales, here’s a list with the wicked beauties:

10 Beautiful and Dangerous Female Villains


Lori Quaid from Total Recall

Lori Quaid is a female villain from the science fiction movie Total Recall. We chose Sharon Stone’s character from the 1990 movie over Kate Beckinsale’s from the 2012 remake because, although they both do a great job, Lori will always be Sharon Stone.

There have been a lot of characters in various genre of movies that were similar to Lori, the docile wife who turns out to be anything but docile, but every time people think about this pattern they think of Lori Quaid.


Poison Ivy from Batman and Robin

Poison Ivy is one of the most known female villains of all times and Uma Thurman did an amazing job playing her in Batman and Robin. Apart from looking stunning in red and green, Uma gave the character depth and emotion while maintaining the dangerous and fierce appearance that a female super-villain should have.


O-Ren-Ishii from Kill Bill

Lucy Liu seems like she was born to play villains. Although she does pretty well in positive role too, when she’s a villains she gives it her all, from the deep and cold stare to the dangerous but graceful moves. O-Ren-Ishii was a member of the Deadly Viper Assassination Squad from Kill Bill and eventually became the leader of a crime organization. She is fantastic with the sward, a criminal mastermind possesses uncontested beauty attributes that make her one of the most beautiful and dangerous female villains of all time.


Jadis the White Witch from The Chronicles of Narnia

Because we said we will be covering female villains from various genres of film, it’s time to talk about a wicked witch from a well-known fantasy, The Chronicles of Narnia. Jadis is graceful, beautiful, and evil and has a stare that can froze even the warmest of hearts. The White Witch is played by Tilda Swinton and we could not have thought of a better actress from this role, she is unique in her acting and has the power to always make the character her own.


Lamia from Stardust

We could not have a female villain top without Michelle Pfeiffer. I know you are thinking about Catwoman and you should be, but first let’s talk about Lamia, from Stardust. The fantasy film is not what you would call a violent of evil movie, it addresses a general audience and is something you would see with your family at Christmas but Michelle Pfeiffer’s character gives it the evilness it needs. Lamia is the younger of her two sisters, member of the Lillim Coven and would go to any lengths to keep her beauty and youth, trades that are often so desired by female villains. Although in the end it doesn’t work out how she would have wanted, you find yourself feeling sorry for her because the characters slowly draws you in and make you like her, which does not happen often with negative characters.


Bonnie Parker from Bonnie and Clyde

When you are talking about female villains you can’t help but think of Bonnie Parker. And while we are now referring to the movie character, Bonnie was a real-life outlaw which became famous after her illegal acts of robbery during the Great Depression. Faye Dunaway plays Bonnie in Bonnie and Clyde, alongside Warren Beatty and does an amazing job in making the audience fall in love with the villain. She is beautiful, sensual, smart and dangerous, a female villain to be remembered!


Catherine Tramell from Basic Instinct

Sharon Stone’s most memorable villain role is the one of Catherine Tramell, in the movie Basic Instinct. The controversy created around the movie and around her character has kept them both in the public eye for a long time, and we are sure that people will still be talking about Basic Instinct years from now. Sharon Stone opened the door to a world of female villains that are beautiful, erotic, smart and dangerous, female villains that have it all, except their hearts in the right places. The world of film has not been the same after Basic Instinct and we have Sharon Stone and her fabulous character to thank for all the creative minds that were inspired by them.


Santanico Pandemonium from Dusk Till Dawn

From Dusk Till Dawn is a Robert Rodrigues and Quentin Tarantino film about criminals, hostages, vampires and chaotic surroundings and Salma Hayek’s character plays an interesting female villain, with an even more interesting name: Santanico Pandemonium. She is a dangerous vampire queen, the main attraction at the Titty Twister bar, with exotic looks and deadly powers. She loves dancing and luring new victims into the bar and feeding upon them, has the power to shape-shift, is immortal and knows how to use her powers of seduction to the fullest. Santanico Pandemonium is one of the most beautiful and dangerous vampire villains in movie history.


Catwoman in Barman Returns

Because you were probably waiting for a Catwoman reference from the beginning of this article, we chose Michelle Pfeiffer’s character from the movie Batman Returns because we think gave the best performance of Catwoman. She is a seductress, an ultimate femme fatale which has the power of turning men into slaves with only a smile and Michelle’s interpretation is filled with beauty, sex vibes and danger.


Miriam from The Hunger

“She’s that kind of woman. She’s… European.” Miriam Blaylock is a special type of villain because the Hunger is a special type of movie. One of the most interesting vampire movies gave us one of the most interesting female villains in the history of cinema. Miriam is a lonely vampire who needs the company of others and has taken companions, both male and female to help her ease her loneliness. She is beautiful, intelligent, and unlike most female villains has a conscience and, unable to murder her lovers, she imprisons them in a steel chest to keep for eternity. You could find a more beautiful, mysterious and dangerous female character as Miriam Blaylock and Catherine Deneuve did an amazing job in portraying this character.

Female villains will always have a special place in movie history, you hate loving them but they always find a way to your heart, using their beauty, seductive powers and intelligence, and, even if they’re deadly dangerous, you can’t help but love them.


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